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9ish Maxis Match Hair Defaults!

First and foremost, these defaults might not be for everyone. My master plan with this batch was to replace ALL of the female hairs that had unnatural colors attached to them (except for shortcute, which I already did). It just so happens that most (but not all) of these hairs also had what I felt was a punky (?) vibe coming from them already. So, these hairs may very well be a love it or hate it thing. You have been warned! Also this post is huge. Like... massive. Lots of pictures, lots of text.

6 Maxis Match Hair Defaults

Alright! Another set of hair for the sim lads. Fair warning, some of these hairs have more polys than I had anticipated. Apparently my gravitation towards expensive things irl also carries over to hairs with high poly counts. Go figure.

6 Maxis Match Hair Defaults

This set is for the boys! I figured it was high time that they got some defaults, since the ladies have gotten so many. There are also some non-default versions of a couple of the recolors used. Here we go! (Fair warning, apparently I'm talkative as all get-out today.)

5 Maxis Match Hair Defaults

It's a smaller chunk, but here's the next set of defaults. The plan was to also have defaulted the headband/dread hairs, but I haven't quite nailed down which hairs I want to use just yet.

Just a quick recolor

I'm in the middle of making another chunk of hair defaults and I ran across this hair, which I love, but there were no Remi colors that I could find. So I made some! My ultimate plan was to make it a default. And then I realized that this hair has like... 14 groups, and no. Just. No. Since I'm being lazy and not defaulting it, I figured I'd at least throw the retexture out there just in case anyone else wanted it.

16 Maxis Match Hair Defaults!

So, it's been about a year. Funny how that happens. After a reinstall (both windows AND sims) I figure it's about time to get back into the groove. In my neverending quest to have The Perfect Game, I decided I needed some hair defaults. Buuut I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so here we are again!

Edited Polaroid Edits!

Aaaaalrighty. So. Remember when I said I was super picky? Yeah, that's still going on. I wanted more animation friendly eyes, but I could NOT give up my Polaroid edits by medinaquirin. I love them. So much. So much that I've scoured the internets in search of a set that would be perfect. I couldn't find one, and I'm hoping that means there wasn't one, and not that my Google-fu was just screwed up. So, instead of waiting around on the off chance that someone, somewhere might read my mind, not be scarred for life, and decide to fulfill my dream, I decided to fulfill it myself. It went pretty well, I think. Behold!
So, I'm starting to collect things for a Maxis Match-ish game, but I couldn't find any skins that were ~perfect~ for me, because I am ridiculously picky/neurotic. Nothing would do but that I made my very own, which was... daunting. But, though following some very nice tutorials found on GoS (and starting over about a billion times), I managed to come up with:

It's a base of Lilith's Feathers skin with a smidge of Pyxis's Venice skin sprinkled throughout the face and body. The nose and mouth corners are from SakuraJane's Simple Skin Set and the colors are 10 of Trapping's color actions.

Previews and download links this way!Collapse )